About Us

CCS was started back in 1990, and, ever since, our emphasis has always been on having fun while learning musical skills – singing, playing and listening – in order to perform in public. There's a great “family feeling” to our sessions and performances, and we are happy for parents to stay if they wish. All our staff are trained professional musicians and teachers, and they and key volunteers all have current DBS certificates.

A wide range of music is explored every week, from traditional and contemporary African, Afro-Caribbean and South American music, to jazz, folk, gospel, soul, pop, classical and contemporary classical music. We also run occasional workshops (for example our Juniors and Seniors recently looked at traditional folk music and learnt a couple of songs that might be played at a ceilidh, as well as learning the dance rhythms that went with them).

For members aged 4 and up, we provide small group tuition on drums, xylophones, keyboard, tuned percussion, guitar, brass, violin or cello during the course of the session for their age group. Mini Music (0-3’s) also get a chance to try out lots of different sounding smaller instruments during their session.

We always end each term with a performance to allow the children to show off what we've been doing. And from time to time we perform at outside events-most recently singing and drumming at the ceremony in Southwark Cathedral to mark the inauguration of the new Mayor of Southwark. In the past the children have played in Myatt's Fields Park, at a Southwark Council Family Funday and sung at the Carnaval del Pueblo, in Burgess Park.

CCS is a registered charity 1002667, and we work entirely on a donation basis, so as not to exclude children and young people who would otherwise find it difficult to access positive and constructive group activities, especially high quality music tuition, which can be expensive and hard to find. You can make a donation by clicking below.

We believe very strongly in equality of opportunity and the celebration of diversity and welcome children of all backgrounds and try hard to reflect the diversity of the Camberwell area and Southwark more widely.