What People Say

We ask parents/carers for feedback at the end of every term, as well as regularly asking our children and young people what they enjoyed or would have changed. Here's a selection of comments from the previous years:

"My children have gained a lot of confidence and can perform in front of other people with no worry since coming here and can sing in tune!"

"Fantastic enthusiastic tutors who are patient and give children time and wonder to learn. Snacks are always a hit too!"

"Good things: the pace of the lesson, the snack at the end, the discipline maintained, the friendly staff, the price per session"

"You have given my child invaluable experience, support & encouragement. He has been able to use what he has learnt in his course at school"

"My child has enjoyed all the songs especially those with actions"

"I think you're great and the kids really enjoy it"

"My children enjoyed the fact that people know their names"

"All brilliant and very inspiring!"

"They have enjoyed every bit of each session and the chance to be involved in all the activities. The opportunity to relate with other children and thus making new friends has added to the excitement"

"My children love coming here so I guess you are doing really well!"

"It's fun for my child learning to singand play. Sessions are well-organised and well-taught"

"Good things: getting older pupils to volunteer, having all pupils learn and play different instruments and singing is brilliant"

"He enjoyed the singing together with the movements and actions. He hasn't shown any sign of dislike for anything"

"It's great! My child always wants to come. He's absorbed the tunes and words to the songs and brings them home! Lots of singing to himself"

"My children get a sense of well-being-and of achievement. It boosts self esteem, as well as learning song, rhythm and rhyme"

"My children meet other children and learn rhythm and musical instruments. I'm amazed to see how children listen and follow the lesson despite being a large group"

"They have grown in confidence. They have learned new ways of making music. Staff are very good at understanding and recognising children's individual ability"

"An opportunity to try different types of instrument and music that they don't get much of at school"

"We do also ask what we could do better, and do our best to respond and continuously improve what we do"

Continuous improvement

In addition, we ask parents and carers what we could have done better and for other comments and suggestions, and we use all these responses to improve what we do and how we do it.

Comments and complaints

We make it clear throughout each term that we are open to comments at any time, and also that if parents and carers don't want to raise issues directly with staff or volunteers who are present on a Saturday, they are welcome to get in direct contact with the Management Committee or Trustees.